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August 27, 2009


Megan B


I love the cards, they look so funky! If you went to bed earlier, you wouldn't get so run down and still be sick A WEEK after me, hahaha!! (oh that's nasty itsn't it!?)

Your Beeswax frame is awesome and if people want to book in they better hurry because everyone who sees it wnats to do it!!!

And yes I will defer blame solely to you if takes me another 6 months to post a blog update!!!!


Fiona Jones

Hi Nat

Love your work. Would love to come to the classes but usual excuse - no husband here to babysit! Maybe another time as I would love to learn about beeswax especially....

Carol Thompson

I absolutely HANG OUT to see what you have created...so you definately need to do more !! I love your style, and although I may not attend classes...husband works away...3 kiddies under 7...blah blah blah...but I do shop at Scraptivate every fortnight, and spend way more than I'de like to admit..AND refuse to in front of my husband !! Ha Ha...see you guys Tues ..
Carol Thompson


HIYA - I love the cards and of corse they look so much nicer IRL.... see ya Friday night honey xxx

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